Benefits of a property inspection before selling

Peace of mind

Let’s assume your inspection report comes back all clear and whilst you’ve had to pay for the inspection, having peace of mind that you’ve removed the risk of a potential buyer finding an issue with your property and putting them in a position to negotiate the price downwards is priceless.

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If, however the inspection report identifies an issue, you have the ability to quickly arrange for it to be resolved on your terms, rather than having to fix it on the buyer’s terms or risk losing the buyer all together.

Can help attract more buyers

If you’re able to produce a report that certifies your house is pest free and without any need for maintenance, this will attract buyers.

An official document from an unbiased third party certifying your properties true condition, shows you have nothing to hide, therefore giving buyers more confidence to put an offer in on your property. In many cases a condition of sale includes the property must pass a building and pest inspection, if the inspection report has already been compiled, not only can it save the buyer some money, it can also ensure the settlement process runs more smoothly.

Enables you to fix any issues

Building and pest inspections can reveal all manner of issues that are not visible to the naked eye, or to anyone living in the property. Issues can range from minor problems such as slight water damage, leaky drain pipes and loose roof tiles, through to more serious issues such as structural problems and termite infestations. Land Clearing Tree Removal

Knowing before the property is on the market, enables you to address any ‘fixable’ issues quickly and to be in a better position to disclose them to the potential buyer during the marketing campaign, which can make a big difference to the success of your sale.

Can help close the sale quicker

If a buyer is passionate about your property and is keen to buy it, they are more than likely very keen to close the deal. If the building inspection has been done and all repairs have been made, they often proceed immediately with an offer.

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If, however you have to wait for the inspection to take place, only to find there are some issues, buyers may feel they are buying a ‘lemon’ which puts doubt in the mind. This doubt may in turn stop them from putting an offer in on your property or give them confidence to negotiate the price down.

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